Sponsored cycle ride for Shark Trust

I don’t normally write about things that aren’t related to thinking about/making/uploading podcasts – but I’d like to appeal to the goodwill of the visitors to this blog.

I’m doing the Bristol Nightrider 2019 for the Shark Trust on July 6th (next weekend as I write this) and I would really love some extra sponsorship.

Now I know most of us already donate to various charity stuff (heck, this year I’ve given to Hen Harriers and badgers, supported judicial reviews, and I pay my monthly subs to a bunch of charities etc ) and I know most of us don’t end the month with much left to spend from our salaries (many of us flirt with our overdrafts I’m sure), nevertheless, if I don’t make this pitch I don’t give you the opportunity to perhaps support something you’ve thought about supporting – like, sharks!

So, the Nightrider. It’s – er, at night, and it’s around Bristol. Which if you don’t know the city is a pretty hilly place (not Buxton or Edinburgh hilly, but way hillier than Cambridge or Peterborough). I’ve opted for the ‘blue route’ 100km/65 mile route, rather than the ‘red’ 50km route which (and no offence to non-regular cyclists) is a training ride or commute for many cyclists. The ‘blue route’ takes in both loops and the organisers seem to have looked for every incline within miles (see the image below)…

Now, I know that 100km is NOT Lands End – John O’Groats (which is around 2000km). It’s not especially difficult if you ride bikes a lot (and I do) but that’s what I’m being asked to do, so that’s what I’m doing. To be honest, I’ve never ridden at night before, so that should be an extra element. And it traverses Bristol city centre on Saturday night, which might be – er, interesting when the clubs spill out…

But Bristol is hardly downtown Caracas or Bogota. There’ll be hundreds of other riders, it’s well signed, the organisers even lay on biscuits. So it’s not going to be life-changing or dangerous. It should be fun though, and a different way to spend a Saturday night (my start time is 23:50 so I’ll be finishing sometime around dawn on Sunday hopefully). The important point is though that any/all funds raised will go to the Shark Trust. They’re a small charity, and every penny counts. (I made a podcast with them last week which you can find at Paul Cox | Shark Trust if you’d like to know more about them)

And – seriously – every single penny would help.

So if you feel like chucking a single penny into the hat (as it were) please have a look at https://www.sharktrust.org/fundraisers/charlie-moores-shark-trust-fundraiser

And thanks!

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