Many sharks I encounter in the wild have hooks in their mouths, evidence of fishing pressure. These are the lucky survivors.” Rob Stewart, Sharkwater

Podcasts with campaigners on a range of conservation/environmental issues

(The blue links below lead to Lush Player or The Sound Approach websites where the podcasts can be heard)

Shark Trust with managing director Paul Cox (June 2109)

Lions, Bones, and Bullets with author and filmmaker Richard Peirce (June 2019)

Sizewell C and the Suffolk Coast and Heaths AONB with Tom Langton, Rachel Fulcher, Joan Girling, and Adam Rowlands (June 2019)

Pont Valley | Coal mining, Newts, and Climate Change with Don Kent (Campaign to Protect Pont Valley) and Tom Langton (ecologist and expert witness) (May 2019)

Road Verges Campaign with Dr Trevor Dines, Plantlife Botanical Specialist (May 2019)

Badgers, BSE, and wild animal welfare with Alick Simmons, former Deputy Chief Vet at Defra (May 2019)

Grey Squirrels and the Invasive Alien Species Order 2019 with Pauline Kidner, founder of Secret World Wildlife Rescue (April 2019)

Wild Animal Welfare Committee Conference 2019 with Libby Anderson, WAWC Secretary and OneKind Policy Advisor (April 2019)

Allan Bantick OBE | Cairngorm Conservation with conservationist Alan Bantick OBE (April 2019)

David Cowdrey, Head of Policy and Campaigns IFAW UK with David Cowdrey (March 2019)

Caroline Rance Climate Change Campaigner with Caroline Rance, Friends of the Earth Scotland (Feb 2019)

Cheshire Monitors (monitoring illegal fox hunting) with members of Cheshire Monitors (Jan 2019)

Saving the Gwent Levels with Ian Rappel, Chief-exec Gwent Wildlife Trust (Jan 2019)

The League Against Cruel Sports with CEO Andy Knott MBE (Jan 2019)

Sharkwater Extinction with Sandy Stewart, Sharkwater (Dec 2018)

Campaign Against the Gwent Levels with various speakers at the Welsh Senned (Dec 2018)

Ghost Gear with Peter Kemple Hardy, World Animal Protection (Sept 2018)

The People’s Manifesto for Wildlife with Chris Packham and ten contributors to the Manifesto inc Dr Mark Avery, Prof Dave Goulson, Ruth Peacey (Sept 2018)

Tawai – a connection with nature with Bruce Parry (Aug 2018)

Wildlife and Countryside Link: Tackling Wildlife Crime with Dr Mark Jones (Born Free Foundation) and Pete Charleston (Bat Conservation Trust) (July 2018)

The Black Bee Project with Phil Chandler (The Barefoot Beekeeper) (July 2018)

Stuart Housden OBE with Stuart Housden, former Director of RSPB Scotland (June 2018)

National Trust and Licencing of trail hunts with Jack (National DisTrust) and Cathy (West Midlands Hunt Saboteurs) (May 2018)

Spring Bees with environmentalist Brigit Strawbridge (April 2018)

Protecting Animals in Parliament with Kerry McCarthy MP (March 2018)

Different Roads Same Destination with Charlie Moores and Dr Nial Moores, founders Birds Korea (Feb 2018)

Turkey’s Indigenous Production Landscapes with Guven Eken, Doga Denergi (BirdLife Turkey) (Feb 2018)

World Wetlands Day 2018 with Andy Graham, Wildfowl and Wetlands Trust (Jan 2018)

Not Whale Food: Marine Pollution with Whale and Dolphin Conservation’s chief-exec Chris Butler-Stroud and Policy Officer Pine Eisfeld-Pierantonio (dec 2017)

Greenest Government Ever? with Zac Goldsmith MP (Dec 2017)

Saving Sumatra’s Orangutans with Helen Buckland, Director Sumatran Orangutan Society (Nov 2017)

The Windscreen Phenomenon (Insect Decline) with Matt Shardlow, chief exec Buglife (Oct 2017)

The National Trust and Trail Hunting with National DisTrust and League Against Cruel Sports (Aug 2017)

The Lush Charity Pot with Rebecca Lush (July 2017)

Investigating Dogfighting with an Investigator, League Against Cruel Sports (Feb 2017)

Fingers in the Sparkle Jar with Chris Packham (Feb 2017)

Turkeys and Veganism with Juliet Gellately, founder Viva! (Dec 2016)

Cooking a Vegan Christmas Dinner with Maryanne Hall, Viva! (Dec 2016)

Education, Ecology, and the Illusion of age with Satish Kumar, co founder Schumacher College (Dec 2016)

Ecotricity, alternative energy, and veganism with Dale Vince, founder Ecotricity (Nov 2016)

Wildlife. Not Entertainers with Alyx Elliot, World Animal Protection (Oct 2016)

Working for Whales and Dolphins with Margaux Dodds, Marine Connection (July 2016)

25 Years of the The Fox Project with Sue Williams, founder The Fox Project (June 2016)

Eco-spooks with Gem, Director Tracks Investigations Ltd (May 2016)

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