Grouse Moors

“Wildlife persecution is a fact of life in parts of the countryside, particularly those areas managed for shooting. Much of it takes place just out of sight, but we can help tackle it if we know where to look and what to look out for.”

Podcasts about grouse moors and intensive grouse production

(The blue links below lead to Lush Player or The Sound Approach websites where the podcasts can be heard)

Ban Bloodsports on Yorkshire’s Moors with Luke Steele (April 2019)

Revive | The Coalition for Grouse Moor Reform with Max Wiszniewski (Feb 2019)

Protesting Grouse Shooting on Yorkshire’s Moors
with various campaigners including Luke Steele, Dominic Dyer and local activist Ros speaking in Hebden Bridge (Aug 2018)

The Pentland Hills with Harry Huyton former Director OneKind (May 2018)

Stink Pits with a League Against Cruel Sports investigator (May 2018)

Crow Cage Traps with a League Against Cruel Sports investigator (May 2018)

Parliament and the Ban Driven Grouse Shooting e-petition with Dr Mark Avery (Nov 2016)