‘Badgered To Death’ out loud?

Sometime last year Dominic Dyer, CEO of Badger Trust, and I had a chat about me possibly producing an audio version of his important 2016 book ‘Badgered to Death: The People and Politics of the Badger Cull‘ or BTD (which sounds close enough to ‘battered’ to summarise the way our badgers are treated).

I love the book, Dominic has always supported my podcasting (and we’ve recorded a number of podcasts about the badger cull together), so I figured I’d give it a go. I took a week’s holiday and tried several many times to get a handful of chapters recorded to a standard that I was happy with.

It’s not something I’ve tried before (and it takes way longer than I’d anticipated) but after many stumbles I ended up with recordings of ten chapters. I edited them down and sent three mp3 files to Dominic. He said he liked them, he talked about writing an extra chapter as an ‘update’ – and we both promptly forgot all about them as we realised we had nowhere to put them.

Now of course I have a new blog, with a new mp3 player plug in, and three audio files sat on a computer doing nothing.

Which is kind of a waste really…

So here is an embed of me reading ‘A Disease of Cattle‘, Chapter Three of Dominic Dyer’s ‘Badgered To Death’.

What do you think? Would you listen to more of the book if I recorded more of it? Saying yes doesn’t imply an obligation to actually listen to another word, and conversely saying ‘stick to the day job mate’ won’t upset me so go ahead, be honest…