Podcast uploaded: Luke Steele | Ban Bloodsports on Yorkshire’s Moors

“We give communities the tools and empowerment needed to turn opposition to grouse shooting into results.”

Earlier this month I met up with Luke Steele, spokesperson for Ban Bloodsports on Yorkshire’s Moors.

Ban Bloodsport’s say on their website at stoptheshoot.com that their mission is “to end grouse shooting on Yorkshire’s moors, to free the way for these spaces to be managed in a way where their full potential can be reached. Through solid research, pro-active educational initiatives, investigations and legal advocacy. By educating the public and policy-makers about wildlife and the environment, we motivate them to support upland conservation.”

When the group was first launched I thought, “Well, here’s a group that does exactly what it says on the tin”. I was less sure about how they would go about it though. The grouse shooting industry is well-funded, after all, it has an army of lobbyists, and the phrase the ‘glorious 12th’ – the day the guns start blowing Red Grouse out of the moorland skies – is so ‘normalised’ most media platforms use it without even thinking about what it actually means (and more shame them for that).

Well, it turns out it’s not simple, but not incredibly difficult either…according to Luke anyway. It’s all about working with local communities and local businesses – especially local businesses like Yorkshire Water and NG Bailey who actually own the moorland that the shooters operate from and who are now questioning just what grouse shooting does for them and their reputations…

First, though, who is Luke Steele anyway?http://player.lush.com/channels/times/radio/luke-steele-ban-bloodsports-yorkshires-moors