Interviewing Plantlife tomorrow

After a number of false starts I’m heading down to Salisbury tomorrow to have a chat for a podcast about roadside verges with Plantlife‘s Dr Trevor Dines (Trevor the Botanist on twitter).

If like me, you’re sick of watching councils mow down countless numbers of wild flowers alongside miles and miles of roads (especially in spring, depriving early pollinators of food, and early summer when huge numbers of small mammals and invertebrates lose safe homes) then this will be of enormous interest.

Plus, I’m really interested by the suggestion (made by many different sources) that roadside verges act as wild flower ‘reservoirs’ – if verges really do function in that way, what more powerful indictment of how utterly screwed our wider countryside must be if strips of land alongside our heavily polluted roads are actually more botanically rich than the fields they pass through…